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9/100 photos of Ben Barnes


9/100 photos of Ben Barnes


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Arthur Pendragon > The Poisoned Chalice.


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"women can’t run a country"


"women can’t run a country"

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3 Merlin Episodes Per Series

Series 1 —> The Poisoned Chalice

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The Abduction Incident Chapter 14: The New Perspective, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction


Summary: When Amy goes missing, Sheldon quickly retreats to Pasadena. (Set after Season 7 finale. Mainly Shamy but will also depict the dynamics between all the main characters.)

Chapter 14. Please review!

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Irresistible Temptation


Arthur x Morgana (ArMor) Modern AU


Arthur knew that he shouldn’t feel like he did. Morgana was practically his sister. They’d grown up together; they’d been best friends. But the way she looked at their Renaissance Prom was just too much for him. She was in a deep red dress, and it clung…


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