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I have loved you for a thousand years_Cap-I


Primeiro capitulo da minha primeira Fic Majim. Escritora iniciante.

First chapter of my first Fic Majim. Beginner writer.

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Get on! And watch out!

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Bradley & Katie Bits From Today's Interviews!

Interviewer: So Bradley, after playing a knight for so many years, have you ever invoked your knightly chivalry off set?

Katie: He held the door open for me once. That was nice.

Bradley: Um, I would say I was an incredible chivalrous man anyway, so that’s why I was given the…

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KM: If you’re a fan — and you tell me that you are — and you’ve invested the last four years in the show, we are not going to ruin it now for you. But I will say the last two episodes answered all the questions that the series posed so …
No, Katie will tell you everything….

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Clique Clack's Interview with Katie McGrath & Bradley James

What if I told Katie how pretty she was, would she tell me even more things?
BJ: Oh, Katie heard you say that. Katie heard you say that, and she’s about to tell you everything. Go on.

KM: [laughs] I’m going to be quiet, now.

So what’s the most valuable thing you think you’ve learned working on Merlin?
It was my first proper job. I hadn’t done much else and I hadn’t gone to drama school, so I guess I learned everything on it. I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am without it, so I can’t underestimate how much I owe the show.

Do you guys have a particular favorite episode that, looking back on the series, was your favorite to film?
KM: My favorite was “Lancelot du Lac.” I thought it was the most balanced that we had that series between all four characters and we all got something to do. I thought it was a lovely story and very complete, and it had a real sense of sort of, I guess magic and sort of a fairytale feeling to it.

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